Abuse Complaint Form

We caution you that if knowingly misrepresent that online content is not infringing, you may be subject to heavy civil penalties, these include monetary damages, court costs, and attorneys fees incurred by us, by any copyright owner, or by any copyright owner’s licensee that is injured as a result of our relying upon your misrepresentation. You may also be subject to criminal prosecution for perjury.

Receiving a Complaint

The complaint is submitted using the form below.

Review process

Each abuse complaint is reviewed by our Trust & Compliance Team.


We check in our systems such as routers and switches the information sent.


Appropriate action is taken against the abuser.

Put each URL or IP on a separate line (If no valid URL or IP address is provided this report will be closed without action).
Provide a detailed description of the abuse including, for example, all steps required to view the reported content.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
You can use this space to upload any relevant evidence or documents to your abuse report.