Assess your requirements and plan for success

Do more with Data

End-to-end guidance, consultation and support in response to your data challenge. We are passionate about using data to solve real-life problems and help your business to unlock the value in your data.

Maximize the value of your data

We develop solutions that provide your business experts with the resources they need to make critical business decisions more effectively. Jumpstart your data transformation journey with DIVERSITY team data and boost it.



You will work with a DIVERSITY data-architect to uncover the possibilities to identify new business opportunities and projects related to your data.



We analyse your current status and the actions required to fullfill your data-related needs. Strategy, methodology and organization.



A list of possible solutions will be formulated on your requirements and environment combined with a data maturity roadmap.

Proof of Conceptabout 5 weeks

The custom Proof of Concept consists of proving the technical feasibility of an idea, through evidence of its functionality and potential. We will provide the three axes: Strategy (what to do with your data), Methodoloy (how to do it) and Organization (who should to it)



The Data Discovery is a FREE consulting session with your team. Consists of a review and assessment of the requirements and current state of your analytics infrastructure followed by a discussion of the potential next steps and options for engagement. This is the first step of your data journey, from the Data Discovery to the POC and our Analytics Squad.


Analytics Squad about 4 months

Our work cells are an organizational model used to motivate talent, foster leadership and increase flexibility, those are an small autonomous units that include several people with different skills. They make a cohersive work with your company.


What we Provide

If you have Data, we can Boost it

Business Intelligence

Combines business analytics & data visualization to help organizations make more data-driven decisions.

Advance Analytics

Autonomous examination of data to discover deeper insights, make predictions or recommendations.

Big Data

Prepare data for analytical or operational uses to help organisations process.

Data Science

Study of data to extract meaningful insights for business and solve real-life problems with data.